Jim DeLaney


More than you wanted to know...


Born in West Virginia, and now living in Northeastern Ohio (via South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Virginia, Washington state, and Southern California courtesy of USMC), I'm now in my mid 70s.

My main hobby/pastime is woodworking, which I learned pretty much from "trial and error" and through observation and analysis of others' work. Exchanging info with other woodworkers on various Internet forums and in other woodworking areas has also helped me build my knowledge base, and has given me many helps, hints, and suggestions for techniques that have helped me improve the quality and my enjoyment of my woodworking. 

I've been a 'regular' on several different woodworking sites/boards for about twenty-five years, now. I've made many "electronic friends", and have actually visited with quite a few of them when they, or I, have been in one another's home towns. It's always enjoyable to meet face-to-face someone whom you've "known" for several years through the forums. 

Although I've always had a tool box and "tool collection" in all the places we've lived, and have continuously added to it as I needed (or could afford) it. I set up my first "permanent" (yeah, right!) wood shop in the first house we bought in 1972...  Now in its fourth "permanent" location, my shop continues to be a 'work in progress' - this time in a dedicated 26' X 32' building. 

I prefer to build one-of-a-kind furniture, but being a homeowner, I also end up doing a lot of home maintenance and home repair projects as well. I've built everything from red oak and Alder kitchen cabinets to a barn and a rough redwood garden shed. Projects included a tambour fronted birch hamper, an oak wine rack/serving table, a Morris chair, a kitchen island, a complete kitchen's worth of alder cabinetry, end tables, chairs, sofa and coffee tables, and a complete kitchen re-do at the Ohio house. 

Other older projects were a new fireplace mantle and book cabinet surround, and new headboard & side cabinets for the bedroom. 

I've built much of the wood furniture in my house. One of my better projects was the Morris chair which I adapted to my own liking, using three different sets of plans/drawings as the basis.I gave it to my niece, having moved to a smaller house where it was just too big for the living room.

My other interests include computers, gardening, cooking, shooting,... the list goes on and on! 

I've been married to Mida, my high school sweetheart, for 52 years now, and am looking forward to many more! We have no offspring, but do have two dogs - a Standard Schnauzer and a Standard Poodle - that we treat and spoil like children.

Mida is an avid sewist and quilter, and participates regularly in several crafts forums and various sewing-related web sites, along with belonging to three local guilds. 

I built her a complete 'sewing room' as one of my first projects when we moved into the last house.  We dismantled it and brought it with us to the current house, too, but have modified it extensively as Mida's collection of machines, etc. has expanded. Since we've moved to yet another house, I've built another, but bigger and more elaborate, sewing room setup for her, including a large, sturdy table for her long-arm quilting machine. Her sewing/quilting studio in this house is a 14' X 40' basement room, which we recently upgraded by removing the old carpeting and installing hardwood flooring. 

I've also built her a roll around, drop-leaf cutting table that's 16" X 40" closed and 80" X 40" open. Plenty of cloth cutting space on that one; itís made from hard maple and maple ply. Only drawback is it's very heavy, and Mida is pretty small, so guess who usually gets to roll it around for her. 

A retired Marine (22Ĺ years), I worked as Director of Technical Programs for a national trade association for several years before setting up my own consulting business - specializing in motorized recreational vehicle safety & emissions standards compliance consulting. I did that on my own for nearly eight years, but was also doing something similar at the trade association, so I had over fifteen years experience at it by the time I 'moved on.'  In 1999, I bought a Homeowner Association (HOA) management company, and ran it until late 2004, when I sold it and Mida and I retired. 

She retired from her job of 26 years with an electronics company, and we sold our California house and moved here to Ohio, where the cost of living is much more affordable, and the pace of life is considerably more laid back. We're both really enjoying our retirement after a combined total of nearly 80 years 'in the workforce.' We've been doing some traveling around the country, and look forward to perhaps meeting some more of our 'electronic friends' along the way! 


Email me:  Jim@jcdelaney.com